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RSVP System Roadmap

This document outlines the planned features and implementations for the RSVP System.

Feature Highlights

  • Drupal Recipe Feature: Targets Drupal's new "Recipe" feature to provide easy feature deployment.
  • RSVP Organizational Units: Taxonomy for Departments/Communities.
  • RSVP management contained within each Org Unit (Taxonomy Permission by Role).
  • Access Control by Org Unit (uses Drupal Roles and Taxonomy Terms).

  • Content Types:

  • RSVP Resources: Room Locations, Equipment Inventory, Library Items, etc.
  • RSVP Request: Trimmed to available resources, by Org Unit Role.
  • Moderation Workflows: For department teams.
  • Flexible Workflow Models: Via ECA module (Events Conditions Actions).
  • Reservation Reporting and Dashboard Blocks: Implemented with Views.
  • Conflict Date Validation: To prevent overbooking and overlap.
  • Recurring Dates:
  • Single Item Reservation (simple).
  • Dates Series - Multiple Item Series (complex, flexible).
  • Lead Time Request Padding: Policy settings per resource. ECA workflow validation recipe for Lean Time (* Requires RSVP Location lead_time field value.)
  • CSV Feed Imports:
  • For RSVP Resources (Content Type)
  • For RSVP Locations (COntent Type)
  • For RSVP Departments (Taxonomy)
  • Sample Data: Built around 10 Philadelphia neighborhoods.

Atomic URL Patterns

The RSVP System will implement a standardized URL pattern to streamline access to various resources and locations.



  • Technology Resource: /technology/resource/laptop_1
  • Arts League Location: /arts-league/location/clay_studio

Future Implementations

Additional features and improvements planned for the RSVP System will be documented here as the project progresses.

RSVP System Department Taxonomy (rsvp_system_departments) Department Logo (field_rsvp_system_department_logo) Entity reference Reference type: Media Media type: Image

Department Short Name (field_rsvp_system_department_short_name) Text plain